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1.Yonsei University Korean Language Institute

The Yonsei University Korean Language Institute (Korean: 한국어학당) is located in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, and provides Korean language instruction to foreign students and businesspeople. The institute was established in 1959 and has since then welcomed more than 62,000 students from over 120 countries. Today, Yonsei University's Korean Language programs are recognized as the best in South Korea.

2. Ewha Language Center

Ewha Womans University, also known as 이화여자대학교 in Korean, is a renowned private women's research university located in Seoul, South Korea. It was originally established as Ewha Haktang on May 31, 1886, by Mary F. Scranton, a missionary. Today, Ewha Womans University is recognized as one of the largest and most prestigious universities for women across the globe. Notably, the university has played a significant role in producing numerous South Korean women leaders, including politicians, CEOs, and legal professionals. It's also worth mentioning that the Korean language programs offered by Ewha Womans University are open to male students as well.

3. Korean Language Center, Korea University

The Korea University Korean Language Center (KLC) was established on March 1, 1986, under the support of the Institute of Foreign Language Studies. The main objective of KLC is to teach and promote Korean language and culture throughout the world. Over 60,000 foreign students and overseas Koreans have taken advantage of the program to learn the Korean language, history, and culture. Currently, approximately 7,000 students enroll in the Korean Language and Cultural Studies Program annually.

The KLC is equipped with cutting-edge language training multimedia labs and uses effective teaching methodologies to develop and implement the most efficient language training. The center aims to provide comfortable and enjoyable classes for students and strives to reinforce its leading role in teaching the fundamentals of the Korean language.

4. Hanyang University, Institute of International Education

At the Hanyang Institute of International Education, talented and experienced native (English, Chinese, Japanese) teachers and Korean teachers develop and provide various language programs to meet learners’ needs and contribute to the globalization of the campus by regularly providing Korean language courses for foreign students. In particular, the institute minimizes the burden on students by arranging various class time slots for student convenience.

5. Konkuk University Language Institute

The language institute has been recognized by the Ministry of Education as an outstanding institution for international students. It boasts excellent instructors who are certified to teach Korean as a foreign language by the Ministry of Education, and a graded curriculum. The institute was founded to prepare future global leaders, and offers courses in several different languages, such as English, Japanese, Chinese, and French, in addition to Korean. The institute not only caters to its students but also to the wider community, including public and private organizations, enterprises and the general public, providing language learning opportunities to all.

6. Korean Language Education Center (KLEC) Sogang University

The Sogang Korean Language Education Center (KLEC) is a professional institution established in 1990 to promote and disseminate the Korean language and culture worldwide. Over the years, more than 30,000 international students have participated in our program to learn about Korean culture and language. Currently, an average of 4,000 students register for the Korean Language Education Center every year.

7. Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) was established in 1954 and is the birthplace of foreign language education in Korea.  It played a significant role in reconstructing Korea after the Korean War by producing numerous CEOs and diplomats. HUFS is a specialized university that educates students to become creative experts, international citizens, and independent researchers who will contribute to the development and exchange of cultures.

8. Language Education Institute, Seoul National University

Seoul National University is considered the leading university in South Korea. The Language Education Institute created the Korean Language & Culture Program (KLCP) in 1969 to offer intensive Korean language training to foreign students admitted to Korean universities, as well as others interested in learning about the Korean language and culture.

9. Sejong Education Center of Korean Culture 

The Sejong Institute of International Affairs and Education provides comprehensive assistance and support services for students interested in studying abroad, as well as those enrolled in ITS program, IMP program a,nd TESOL practicum program. We offer a wide range of high-quality foreign language programs that are tailored to meet the individual needs, interests, and proficiency levels of each student. Our team of certified and motivated Korean and foreign instructors, who possess expertise, experience, and dedication, along with our state-of-the-art facilities, help facilitate your language learning experience. At the Sejong Institute of International Affairs and Education, we aim to help you achieve your goal of becoming a global leader.

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