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South Korea is more closer with AllweK

How It Works

  • We have different types of programs to fulfill your interests and dreams.
    Check the details of each programs and select the right program for you.
    For short-term programs, you won't need to get a student visa.
    However, if you're applying for long-term program, our international manager will contact you and assist you to get the correct visa.

  • We have a weekly online video conference consulting session (Zoom) where you can clarify all your doubts and get the correct information.

    Parents and students are welcome to join our session, which you can book on each program page on this website.

    The sessions are hosted in Korean, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

  • In long-term programs such as Korean Language Courses, we provide individual assistance in your native language.

    We have our partner's office in more than 10 countries to assist you.

    France, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Chile, Bulgaria (Serbia, Macedonia), Czech Republic (Slovakia),

    Australia and Indonesia.

  • 1. We accept local bank transfers from the list of countries below.
    2. If you're not in the countries listed, you can pay by PayPal (3% fee required) or Swift Transfer to our South Korean bank account. 
    3. If you applied and want to cancel your participation, please check each program's refund policy.

Popular Destinations

K-Dance Trip in Seoul

1 Month


6 Days

K-Language Course

3,6,12 Months

B.idol in Seoul Summer

12 Days

K-Language Trip

1 Month

You're Probably Wondering

  • Is the flight ticket included in the package?
    Unfortunately, not. We have multiple nationality students who depart from different cities, so we can't add the airfare to the package price.
  • Does accommodation and meals are included in the programs?
    All our programs include accommodation, but depending on the program we provide different types of accommodation. However, in case of meals are only included in B.idol programs. But in some special activity programs, we include Korean BBQ experience and another type of Korean food experience program.
  • Is the insurance included in the packages?
    Basically, in South Korea, you need an Alien Registration Card to get the local insurance program. So, for short programs that are less than 6 months, we recommend you get the traveler's insurance program in your home country. And if you are joining a long-term program that is more than 6 months, you are qualified to join the South Korean "National Health Insurance".
  • I'm worried about the safety and study attitude of my child (for parents).
    Safety issue South Korea is one of the safest countries ranked by the International Safety Index, and we're 24 hours in contact to help your child if any safety or health issue occurs. Study attitude. If your child is joining long-term programs, we'll send a monthly to you to check your child's attitude and adaptation in South Korea.
  • How can I get a South Korean visa?
    In short programs (less than 3 months), many country's passport holders can travel to South Korea without any special visa, please check the list of countries below. 2. If you're joining for long-term program (more than 3 months), you must apply for a D-4 visa. After your application, we'll help and instruct you to get the visa.
  • Will someone help from the airport?
    In most of our programs, we provide airport pickup and instruct the students how to establish in South Korea.
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