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About K-ETA, Korea Electronic Travel Authorization

K-ETA, or Korea Electronic Travel Authorization, is a mandatory requirement to enter Korea for visitors from visa-free countries. Currently, K-ETA is applicable to citizens from 112 countries, which consist of 66 visa-free and 46 visa-waiver countries. Visitors from those countries must have a K-ETA issued before getting on the airplane or ship. K-ETA can be applied via official website or mobile application.

Recently, there have been cases of fake websites that look very similar to the K-ETA official website scamming users into paying unreasonably expensive application fees. The official cost of K-ETA is 10,000 won, or approximately $9.00 (USD).

K-ETA Preparation

1) Valid passport

2) Valid E-mail address

3) Portrait photo

* If applying via PC, upload the photo file; if applying via mobile application, take a photo using your phone camera

4) Application fee is accepted via credit or debit card (10,000 won or approx. $9-10 USD per person)

K-ETA Application Process

More Info

Official K-ETA Website:

Mobile Application: K-ETA

1. Requirement: Must apply for K-ETA at least 72 hours prior to departure

2. Note: According to K-ETA website, it takes approximately 72 hours to process the application, so for those wanting to enter Korea through visa-free or visa-waiver program, it is recommended to apply in advance.

* Individual and group applications possible. For a group application, the head of the tour can apply for up to 30 members of the group

3. Additional information: K-ETA is not required for those who are not entering Korea and only stopping for transit.

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