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K-Culture Events and Education

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We work with passion!

We've organized 11 K-Dance Camps in Los Angeles, New York, London, Sydney, Melbourne, Berlin, and Seoul. We've also created K-Pop Idol training programs such as B.idol in Seoul. Despite the pandemic, we offered over 100 online workshops on Korean language, dance, vocal, acting, and beauty. Now, we're starting a new journey to help our students achieve their dreams.


We work 24 hours!

We work 24 hours with passion to supply and assist you.

You can ask us anything and we'll answer all the details you need in a prompt.

In all our programs our staff will be assisting you 24 hours to guarantee your safety and satisfactory education quality.


We are global!

We have our partner's office in more than 10 countries to assist you.

France, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Chile, Bulgaria(Serbia, Macedonia), Czech Republic(Slovakia), Australia and Indonesia.

We're in the process of expansion to supply your necessities and make your study in South Korea 

Explore Our Programs

Korean Language Course

3,6,12 Months

KDCC in Korea 2024

6 Days

B.idol in Seoul Summer

12 Days

K-Dance Trip in Seoul

1 Month

Our Students Say it Best

Name. Jessica Feng

B.idol in Seoul 



4.8 / 5

It was the best experience in my life, I made so many friends and all became my sisters.

I liked the modeling class and the teachers were so nice too.

I hope to join again on the next B.idol.

Name. Lauren Harper

K-Dance Trip in Seoul



4.5 / 5

The standard room was a bit tiny but was cozy and the location was in the center of the Hongdae area. 

I could take 97 classes in a month, so it was worth joining this program.

Name. Clarice Fletcher

K-Dance Camp in London


2022. Summer

4.7 / 5

I could enjoy so much in the camp.

The instructors were awesome and it was a rare opportunity to take classes with all these famous instructors at the same time. And I could make friends from all parts of Europe.

Name. Mona

K-Dance Camp in Melbourne



4.6 / 5

Thank you so much for all your wonderful efforts to make the camp such a success, everyone has commented how much they loved the camp.

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