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Korean Language Course (3,6,12 Months)

Join a language course at the best South Korean universities.

This program offers total assistance with the application and visa process, and we provide total support in South Korea to make your studying and life in South Korea easier.

3,6,12 Months


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Korean Language Course

Study intensive Korean language classes at the best Korean Universities in Seoul.

Field Trip

In this program are included monthly trips.
Seoul, Gyeongju (Unesco Historic Area), Busan, Nami Island, DMZ, K-Pop spots, K-Drama spots, Lotte World, Korean Folk Village, etc.

Culture Experience

We'll host a monthly Korean BBQ party(included in the package), and a Seoul nightlife experience.

Sports activity

This program includes free gym use while you're staying in South Korea.

And join our weekly running, hiking crew to maintain the best healthy condition.

Artist agency

If you are enrolled in courses that are longer than six months, you have the option to apply for a 20-hour weekly working permit through your university. However, you must maintain good grades to be eligible for the permit. If you are granted the permit, we may be able to connect you with opportunities to work as a model, dancer, or in commercial filming projects.

Special classes

We're offering packages with or without unlimited dance classes at the best dance studios in Seoul.

K-Pop companies audition

We'll share with you the information about open K-Pop company auditions so you to get the opportunity to become a K-Pop Idol.

Social gathering

Volunteer in Korean social organizations, make Korean friends and help people in need. And we'll also run a weekly English-Korean language exchange group.


  • We help you apply for the best language course in Seoul

  • This list is the top South Korean Language Course Institutions

  • This program package  included the application and tuition fee

  • Each university has a few differences in course periods, please check the details in our blog 


Yonsei University Korean Language Institute


Ewha Language Center 


Korean Language Center, Korea University


Hanyang University, Institute of International Education


Konkuk University Language Institute


Korean Language Education Center (KLEC) Sogang University


Hankuk University of Foreign Studies


 Language Education Institute, Seoul National University

Program schedule

  • Intercity trips transportation and accommodation are included in the package(Gyeongju, Busan Nami Island, DMZ)

  • Meals are not included in the city tour program, except for the Korean banquet and BBQ experience.

  • The tour time will depend on each destination.

  • English speaker guide will be provided.



  • There's 2 options of room (Standard and Premium), please select the room option when you apply

  • You need to inform us which area of Seoul you want to accommodated(Hongdae, Gangnam).

  • At the hostel are provided lamen, cooked rice, kimchi for free

  • Depends of your travel date the room can be changed to the similar condition of room