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현대 무용수

B.idol - Chingu Tour

✔ South Korea & Japan tour
Experience the unique tour package which include more than 35 tour spots in  Seoul, Gyengju, Busan, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Universal Studio and also spend 1 night on the cruise from Busan to Osaka.

✔ All inclusive tour package

This package include all accommodation, meals, local transportation (flight to South Korea not included), entrance fee, etc..

✔ AllweK staff & guide accompanying

In whole tour itinerary 1 AllweK's staff will accompanying and will be a professional English speaker guide in local tour destination

12 Days


Korea & Japan Tour, All inclusive, 12 days trip.

Date : 28th July, 2024 - 7th August, 2024
Price: Full price 2,890 USD
Before 15 February 2,601 USD
Before 15 March 2,745.5 USD
5% discount for ex-camp participants
10% discount for B.idol in Seoul Summer 2024 participants

What's included

✔ Airport pickup (Only in noticed time)
✔ Accommodation for 10 nights 11 days (business hotel twin room)
✔ All meals (31 meals)
✔ Transportation (Local tour transportation, Trains, Ship, airfare from Osaka-Seoul)
✔ Tour entrance (Museum, Norebang, Spa, etc.)
✔ English-speaking guide

What's excluded

- Airfare (flight to South Korea)
- Travelers insurance


-Tour entrance fee and transportation are all included in the package.



Q. How can pay the participation fee?

A. First, you need to register for free. After the registration we'll send you an email with the payment instruction

Q. Can a minors participate?

A. Yes, they can. If you are a minor and travel alone, ask for special assistance from the airline.

Q. Can I pay in installments?

A. Yes, you can. However, you need to pay all the payments before the start of the program. Please contact us for the installments

Q. How can I book the class?

A. We'll instruct you after the payment.

Q. Does meals and tour entrance fee included?

A. Yes, all meals and tour fee is included.

Q. Airport pickup is included?

A. Yes, it does included.

Q. Can foreigners participate?

A. Yes, we don't have any ethnical limitation.

Q. Does it include flight ticket?

A. The flight ticket are included only for Korea - Japan. You need to buy yourself from your home to Seoul.

Q. What if I arrive 1 day before or after the date?

A. We can provide you a shared room with other participants at the campsite, and you need to pay 50 USD per night.

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