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B.idol - Chingu Tour

✔ South Korea & Japan tour
Experience the unique tour package which include more than 35 tour spots in  Seoul, Gyengju, Busan, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Universal Studio and also spend 1 night on the cruise from Busan to Osaka.

✔ All inclusive tour package

This package include all accommodation, meals, local transportation (flight to South Korea not included), entrance fee, etc..

✔ AllweK staff & guide accompanying

In whole tour itinerary 1 AllweK's staff will accompanying and will be a professional English speaker guide in local tour destination

12 Days


Korea & Japan Tour, All inclusive, 12 days trip.

Date : 28th July, 2024 - 7th August, 2024
Price: Full price 2,890 USD
Before 15 February 2,601 USD
Before 15 March 2,745.5 USD
5% discount for ex-camp participants
10% discount for B.idol in Seoul Summer 2024 participants

What's included

✔ Airport pickup (Only in noticed time)
✔ Accommodation for 10 nights 11 days
✔ All meals (31 meals)
✔ Transportation (Local tour transportation, Trains, Ship, airfare from Osaka-Seoul)
✔ Tour entrance (Museum, Norebang, Spa etc.)
✔ English speaking guide

What's excluded

- Airfare (flight to South Korea)
- Travelers insurance


-Tour entrance fee and transportation are all included in the package.