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  • Full price - 1090€

  • Class only package - 790

  • Accommodation & Meals included

  • All programs are included


22nd July - 26th July, 2023


9 Years old above


  • Super Early Bird Promotion
    Before 22nd May, 10% discount

  • Early Bird Promotion
    Before 22nd June, 5% discount

Q. Can foreigners participate?

A. Yes, we don't have any ethnical limitation.

Q. Does it include flight ticket?

A. No, it doesn't

Q. Can minors participate?

A. Yes, they can. If you are a minor and travel alone, ask for special assistance from the airline.

Q. Can I pay in installments?

Q. What if I'm selected in the audition?

A. If you're selected by K-Pop companies, you'll be their trainee.

Q. Can parents visit the camp?

A. Yes, they can. However, they can't join the classes.

Q. Is it possible to go out of the camp?

A. Yes, but only with the consent of the staffs.

A. No, you can't

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